Online conference „Digital education 2022“

They say that good things should not be changed and that the third is happiness. We hung out again this year at one of the largest educational community conferences in the region.

The International Conference “Digital Education 2022” was held online on April 8th and 9th, 2022. We have continued the tradition of gathering with the desire to exchange knowledge and experiences, to learn examples of good practice, to discover ways to best connect education and modern technologies.

Why you should’ve come to Digital Education 2022?

As witnesses of the rapid advancement of the world of technology, especially the intensive application during 2020, due to the global health situation, during the two-day program, the conference enabled:

  • participants to learn more about innovations, national guidelines and recommendations, examples of good practice, to connect with colleagues from Serbia, the region and the world and empower them to make digital technologies a daily part of the curriculum;
  • to lecturers who successfully overcome the challenges of today’s circumstances and education in the digital age to share their knowledge and experiences;
  • partners direct meeting with employees in the educational system of Serbia and abroad, as well as networking with similar companies.

In one sentence – “Digital Education 2022” is a platform for creating a community that shapes the education of future generations.

What were the main goals of the conference?

  • Provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences of employees in education in Serbia, the region, and the world;
  • Get acquainted with innovative practice, teaching methods, and application of ICT tools in education;
  • Identify possible recommendations for policy and practice in this area;
  • Ensure the connection and participation of all those active in education in the digital age;
  • Recognize the best examples in education during distance work in conditions when teaching in schools is disabled.


The conference included topics of use and application of information and communication technologies at all educational levels:

    • in preschool education;
    • primary and secondary education and upbringing;
    • higher education;
    • inclusive education.


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Recognition of innovative examples of digital technologies in education