The International Online Conference “Digital Education 2024” is organized by the EdTech Center Western Balkans in collaboration with partners for the fifth consecutive year.

We continue the tradition of gathering with the desire to exchange knowledge and experiences, to learn from examples of best practices, and to discover the most effective ways of connecting education and modern technologies.

The International Online Conference “Digital Education 2024” is organized by the Center for Educational Technologies Western Balkans in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Institute for the Improvement of Education, the Institute for the Education Quality and Evaluation, UNICEF Serbia, Oracle Academy, Microsoft and the Loop Foundation.


Ministry of Education performs tasks related to the research, planning, and development of preschool, primary, secondary, and higher education, as well as student standards. The Ministry also carries out activities related to the development and enhancement of scientific research activities, and proposes and implements policies and strategies for scientific and technological development.



Institute for the Improvement of Education carries out developmental, advisory, research, and other professional tasks in preschool, primary, and secondary education and upbringing, with the aim of monitoring, ensuring, and improving the quality and development of the education and upbringing system.

Institute for the Education Quality and Evaluation is a professional and reference institution that deals with the evaluation of education and upbringing and provides recommendations for establishing and ensuring a quality education and upbringing system. The key activities of the Institute include defining standards in education, evaluating education, and training participants in the education system.

The Loop Foundation was established to improve algorithmic literacy in Serbia. Members of Loop believe that understanding algorithms and the skill of algorithmic expression are necessary for everyone, and it is also important for those talented in programming to recognize and develop their talent. To acquire algorithmic literacy, some form of programming is necessary, just as classical literacy cannot be acquired without practicing written expression. Programming does not have to be complicated, reserved for experts, nor dry and boring for others.

UNICEF is a highly recognized global organization that promotes and protects children’s rights in 190 countries, including Serbia, with a vision of a future world where every child is healthy, safe, educated, cared for, and protected, a world where all children can realize their full potential.

Microsoft Corporation is a global leader in the development of computer technologies, including software, services, and solutions that help users and companies achieve their full potential. Microsoft’s mission in education is to empower every student, learner, and educator to achieve more. Their goal is to inspire students and teachers to create and share experiences in completely new ways, to teach and learn through exploration, and to adapt to individual learning needs, enabling them to more successfully create, design, innovate, and build with the help of technology.

Oracle Academy, Oracle’s global philanthropic educational program, is open to educators around the world to advance technology education, skills, innovation, and diversity and inclusion. We offer academic institutions and their educators free teaching and learning resources―including curriculum, cloud, software, and professional development―that help them prepare students with knowledge, hands-on practice, and career-relevant skills.