About the Conference

The West Balkans Educational Technology Center is organizing the 5th annual “Digital Education 2024” international conference on April 19th, 2024 in collaboration with our partners. We continue the tradition of gathering to exchange knowledge and experience, acquire examples of best practices, and discover the ways to best connect education and modern technology. 

Why Digital Education

By holding the international conference “Digital Education 2024”, we aim to support employees in educational institutions and those active in the education sector to improve their work through innovative and creative approaches by applying digital technologies.

Our goal is to connect the worlds of technology and education to better utilize the possibilities that new technologies offer in education.

The program covers current topics in the field of digital education, as well as a look into the future of the educational system and lessons learned from previous periods.

As we witness the rapid progress of the world of technology, especially intense use during 2020 due to the global health situation, we want to enable participants to learn more about innovations, national guidelines and recommendations, good practice examples, connect with colleagues from Serbia, the region and the world, and empower them to make digital technologies an everyday part of the curriculum. Speakers who successfully overcome the challenges of today’s circumstances and education in the digital age can share their knowledge and experience.

Exhibitors have the opportunity for virtual presentations of their technological products and services and direct communication with conference participants. Partners can meet directly with employees in the education system in Serbia and abroad, as well as network with similar companies. By linking education and the ICT sector and improving our digital competencies, we provide children and young people with the appropriate preparation for their future digital work environment.

Conference Objectives

  • Provide a platform for exchanging knowledge and experience among education professionals in Serbia, the region, and the world;
  • Familiarize yourself with innovative practices, teaching methods, and the use of ICT tools in education;
  • Identify possible key recommendations for policy and practice in this area;
  • Ensure connectivity and participation of all those active in education in the digital age;
  • Recognize the best examples in education during distance learning when schooling is impossible in schools.

Education Levels

The conference covers the topics of the use and application of information and communication technologies at all levels of education:

– in preschool education;
– in primary and secondary education;
– in higher education;
– in inclusive education.


To participate Live in Youth Center Belgrade

To participate Online 


The conference is organized by the EdTech Center Western Balkans in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Institute for the Improvement of Education, the Institute for Evaluation of Education UNICEF office in Serbia, Loop Foundation, Oracle Academy and Microsoft.

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