21 April, 2019.

Student competitions

The competition was supported:

The competition aims to enhance the knowledge of high school students in Serbia through the creation of infographics based on open data processing. The competition is organized by the Center for Educational Technologies of the Western Balkans as part of the “Open Education in Serbia” project supported by the “Open Data–Open Opportunities” project. Teams of two students and one teacher or mentor from registered high schools in Serbia can participate. Infographics can be in the form of posters, videos, presentations, or A4 flyers, and should clearly indicate the source of open data. The judging committee consists of representatives from the Center for Educational Technologies of the Western Balkans, the University of Belgrade’s Computing Center, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development, and the UNDP Serbia. Infographics are judged on message clarity, design, effective use of data, data processing complexity, and motivation for topic selection, with a maximum of 100 points available.


The teams that score the highest number of points (two students and a teacher) will be invited to participate in the final competition in Belgrade on May 23, 2019. All transportation and possible accommodation expenses will be covered by the organizer.
The prizes for the best works are as follows:

First place: The winning team will receive the latest project and programming teaching computers, including a pi-top 3 (with a raspberry pi 3) and an inventor’s kit, as well as a pi-top CEED (with a raspberry pi 3).

Second place: The second place team will receive a K’NEX robot for learning programming.

Third place: The third place team will receive micro-bit equipment for learning programming, including a micro-bit starter kit, an inventor’s kit, and a mini buggy kit.

Important dates and internet addresses for the competition are: May 10, 2019, at 11:59 pm – deadline for team registration and infographic submission, and May 23, 2019 – awards ceremony for teams at the “Open Education in Serbia” conference in Belgrade.

The competition registration and infographic submission is located at this address until May 10, 2019, at 11:59 pm.

As part of the project, the Center for Educational Technologies has created materials that will help teachers realize lessons and projects on the subject of open data. These materials include a “Open Data” lesson material that teachers can choose from, a resource text for the infographic project, a presentation that can be used during lessons, and a presentation on open data processing and data visualization.
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