20 децембар, 2022.

Call for speakers at the DIGITAL EDUCATION 2023 CONFERENCE!

The Center for Educational Technologies Western Balkans and program partner conferences invite you to be one of the lecturers and share your knowledge and experience in applying digital technologies in education at the international online “Digital Education 2023” conference.

If you are employed in the educational sector or engaged in research in the sphere of education, the “Digital Education 2023” conference is an opportunity to present your work, experience, ideas and advice in the application and use of information and communication technologies in the sectors of preschool, primary and secondary and higher education. Also, we invite you to present inspiring work for everyone looking for improved solutions in the field of inclusive education.

Why do we gather? Because we believe that an open conversation, sharing experiences and knowledge about educational work, consideration of different views and future directions of the development of the educational system and the application of digital technologies in it, is useful for all professionals involved in education and upbringing, students and their parents, because education and upbringing concern all of us.

Applications for lecturers will be open until April 1, 2023. and you can apply using the following application form.

More about the call itself and the topics