As global needs adapt to the new “normality” and the demand for technological solutions in education intensifies, Digital Education 2021 is organized with the aim of bringing together actors from the education sector, from teachers and professors, to individuals active in education, decision makers and companies that have products intended for education in Serbia and the region. Participants, presenters and visitors of the conference Digital Education 2021 will be educational institutions from Serbia and the region, relevant educational institutions, ministries, institutes, institutes, associations, federations, civil society organizations.

The e-fair will be held in parallel with the conference Digital Education 2021 via the Internet, April 8-10, 2021. The conference will be international, so the program will be conducted in Serbian and English. Participation in the conference is free.


In addition to the ability to directly, in a short period of time to address a large number of participants and present their solutions, DO2021 provides you with the following opportunities: presence and visibility through our social networks and website; highlighting your company in our newsletters and reports for companies, citing your company in our newsletters and reports for companies, partners and participants before and after the event, evaluation of your products through evaluation of event participants (not less than 6000 participants), evaluation of your products and solutions by an expert commission by applying for EdTech Western Balkan Awards, communication with event visitors through chat or video call, posting video material, presenting at the conference Digital Education 2021, your company in the announcement for electronic media and report for electronic media, Facebook campaign DO2021, Linkedin publishing during the campaign DO2021, posting your logos on the EdTech Center’s website, choosing the size and modules of the booth, sharing the experience of the users of your products, presenting the benefits and advantages of your products, designing the booth especially according to your needs.


The advantage of the e-fair is that it saves time and money (it does not require travel, transfer of heavy equipment and promotional materials, production of materials, organization of the workload of the people who are engaged in the fair). The e-fair enables instant contact and access to a large number of participants in just a few hours with an eco-friendly booth made exclusively for you, which brings your company a quality presentation at minimal cost.


Unlike traditionally organized trade fairs, the virtual e-trade fair is available 0-24 hours during the three days of the conference and available from any device, made to be intuitive and easy to use.


The original plan for organizing Digital Education 2020 was a traditional gathering, in Belgrade during sunny April, with a conference and fair program. However, the situation, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has turned the whole world upside down since March, so we decided to  organize a conference part, unfortunately without a fair, in an online environment, focused on national topics. However, despite all the difficulties, the response and interest in the conference was extremely high. In two days of the program, we gathered over 6,500 participants, 70 presenters, decision makers,including relevant educational institutions in Serbia such as the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development,  Institute for Improvement of EducationInstitute for Education Quality and Evaluation, and  conducted over 70 presentations.

Post event survey confirmed that 89.48% of the surveyed participants gave a concrete example from the program they would apply in their work and 72% stated that they would actively work on introducing into curriculum what they learned during the conference, 96% of participants stated that they would visit the event next year.

The DO2020 conference was opened by Mr. Sasa Stojanovic, Assistant to the Minister for Digitalization in Education and Science, Mr. Branislav Randjelovic, director of the Institute for the Evaluation of the Quality of Education, Mr. Nebojsa Vasiljevic, director of the Loop Foundation and Mr. Aleksandar Borisavljević, director of the EdTech Center Western Balkans.

The partner of the conference was Microsoft, whose channel Teams we used for the conference. Beside Microsoft, Oracle was our partner as well. 


To present yourself at the Digital Education 2021 e-fair, it take you 3 steps to the booth:

1- participant application and getting an approval for access to the booth;

2- selection of elements and input of information about the company;

3- adding promotional materials and activations


We are aware of the diversity in educational products and that is why we have formed several different packages. The price of the package depends on the booth modules during the three days of the e-fair. Package costs include the full amount without hidden costs. You can find the more details about the offer: 

Exhibitors offer for the e-fair


By gathering the educational community in Serbia, the region and beyond, at the international conference Digital Education 2021, we strive to support employees in educational institutions together with those active in the education sector, to improve their work through innovative and creative use of digital technologies. Our goal is to connect the world of technology and education to make the best possible use of the opportunities that new technologies provide for education. We want our program to cover contemporary digital education topics, assess the benefits of implementation during 2020 and also to consider what the education system will look like in the future and what lessons we have learned after this period.

As we are witnessing the rapid changes of the world of technology, especially its intensive implementation during 2020 due to the global health situation, we want to enable:

  • participants to learn more about innovations, national guidelines and recommendations, examples of good practice, to connect with colleagues from Serbia, region and world, and to empower them to make digital technologies an everyday part of the curriculum; 
  • presenters who successfully overcome the challenges of today’s circumstances and education in the digital age to share their knowledge and experiences; 
  • exhibitors to virtually present their technological products and services and communicate directly with conference participants; 
  • partners to directly meet with employees in the educational system of Serbia and abroad, as well as networking with similar companies.

By connecting the education and ICT sector and improving our digital competencies, we are preparing children and young people for their future digital work environment.


  • To provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences of employees in education in Serbia, the region and the world;
  • To get acquainted with innovative practice, teaching methodologies and application of ICT tools in education;
  • To identify possible key policy and practice recommendations in this area;
  • To ensure the connection and participation of all those active in education in the digital age.
  • Validate and reward best examples of education during distance education in conditions when teaching in schools is disabled. 


The international conference Digital Education 2021 is organized by EdTech Center Western Balkans together with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development,  Institute for Improvement of EducationInstitute for Education Quality and Evaluation, Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Loop Foundation , with partner support from Microsoft, Oracle and other partners.

If you are interested in participating in the conference “Digital Education 2021” as an exhibitor and you need additional information, you can contact our team.

Recordings and materials from the previous event Digital Education 2020, are available in the section Recordings and materials on our website. If you want to know more, please contact us.

If you see this event as a good opportunity to participate in shaping the education system and contribute to the improvement of educational institutions, you can join our team and be one of the partners of the Digital Education 2021 event. Contact us to send you an offer for partners.



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